Casa-Funerara set foot in the market as an alternative to what is available at the moment in the funeral services segment.

Our partnership with the companies that operate in the auxiliary segment of the funeral services indicate a higher standard of our products and services.

Every time a client seeks our services, a client that is overwhelmed by sadness, the first thing that we try to offer is comfort and counceling, working togheder in establishing a safety and comfort zone through which he or she could tell us the struggle that has claimed ground in theyr soul. Only later we would talk about a possible purchase.

This counceling helps the family or a specific person to calm down and so to think clearly, togheder with the Casa Funerara representatives, about the package that would best fit the needs, financially and also aesthetically.

We have never tried to impose to a client a certain model that was financially detrimental for him, but rather we tried to come to a mutual agreement about what would best suite the decessed needs, taking in account aspects such as: height, weight, religion and even the colour that would have been preffered by that person.

Every time we asked and we still do about the religious rituals in which the deceased should be buried taking notes on this aspect and acting suitable for the burial of that person in conformity with everyones traditions.

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